Darwinex Traders and Darwinex Zero Traders to Join Forces

Darwinex Traders and Darwinex Zero Traders
Darwinex, an asset management platform, is making changes to its DarwinIA program to better support traders and their growth. Currently, there are two levels, DarwinIA SILVER and GOLD, within Darwinex Zero, and these will be integrated into the main Darwinex trading platform. This integration will allow traders from both classic Darwinex and Darwinex Zero to participate in DarwinIA SILVER and GOLD levels to obtain seed capital.

What does it mean for current Darwinex Zero Traders?

For traders in the existing Darwinex Zero, the participation requirements and allocation criteria will remain the same. The integration will lead to more trading strategies being available at both DarwinIA SILVER and GOLD levels, and traders will see DARWINs with 3-letter tickers alongside those from D-Zero with 4-letter tickers in the rankings.

What is the change to Darwinex happening?

The reason for these changes is that DarwinIA, over time, lost its appeal for top traders due to the success of the platform in attracting investor capital. Therefore, the program is evolving to be more inclusive and motivating for all traders, regardless of their experience.


The new DarwinIA SILVER level will allow traders to receive allocations based on their last 6 months of trading activity, with a focus on consistent performance over time. It will offer faster allocations, guaranteed allocations for those meeting the minimum rating, simpler participation requirements, and no reduction in allocations based on account equity.


The DarwinIA GOLD level, which requires a minimum track record of 8 months, will focus on outperforming the market month after month. It will offer higher allocations than SILVER and provide allocations for six months instead of three.

Equal opportunities for all traders

Traders from both Darwinex and Darwinex Zero will now have equal opportunities to access seed capital through these improved programs. The changes are expected to roll out in September 2023, with the possibility of a slight delay until October. Darwinex aims to continually innovate and evolve to better support its traders’ success.

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Darwinex Traders and Darwinex Zero Traders to Join Forces

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